What Kind of Skier are You?

Defining the type of skier you are is critical to selecting a ski and boot that will meet your expectations, particularly over the long haul.

Adventure/Backcountry Touring: Adventure skiers seek the untraveled experiences involving hiking on skis usually done in deep, untracked snow in flat or rolling terrain. Some skiers use this gear (BC) for maximum stability, however these skis are not designed for efficient kick and glide, and they will not fit in groomed rails. Gear used: Backcountry (BC).

Touring: Ski touring on groomed or untracked trails with snow depths up to mid-calf. Ski touring encompass everything from a leisurely walk on skis, to exploratory tours in pristine natural areas, to a heart-pounding ski tours for fitness. Gear used: Light Touring.

Sport/Fitness: This category of skier skis for fitness or recreation and is usually skiing on groomed trails using a specific technique such as skating or classical. Gear used: skate, classic and narrower light touring.

Racer/High Performance: This type of skier is looking for ultimate speed and performance in skate or classic gear for groomed trail skiing. Gear used: High-end skate and classic

Backcountry Skiing: Skiers traveling in deep untracked snow seeking steep ascents and descents, and/or multi-day excursions. Gear used: Telemark & Randone

If you don’t know yet what kind of skier you are, here are a few options to consider. Think about renting skis and taking some lessons to give you a better idea of the types of cross country skiing. If you can’t decide between categories, waxless touring skis can be the most versatile from a trail type and exertion level standpoint.

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