Sizing or Fitting Cross Country Skis

Sizing cross country skis is a bit of a misnomer. Different types of cross country skis are fitted/sized differently. Single camber skis such as Metal Edged Touring Skis are sized by length. Double camber skis, which include all adult skis are flexed by skier weight. Here is a simple breakdown of how different types of skis are sized or fitted.


Sized by Length:

Metal Edged Touring Skis, and all single camber skis, are sized by length. The skier will always be gliding on the grip zone/pattern with these type of skis. See each particular ski model for sizing parameters.

Kids Skis for ages in the 5 to 7 year old range are also sized by length and skier height because the skier’s motor skills have not developed enough to maneuver longer skis.


Fitted by Flex:

Junior Skis (approx. 8 to 12 years old) should be flexed and fitted by the skier’s body weight. Generally, other factors such as height and skier ability will play larger roles with this fitting because of potential skier growth, and because many skier’s weight/height profiles vary widely.
Adult Skate Skis are fitted using compression tests for overall flex, and tip and tail flex to determine optimal skier weights and snow types that will be best for the ski.
Adult Classic and Touring Skis are fitted using half-weight and full-weight compression tests to determine climbing/glide ability, grip zones for hard wax and klister, and glide zones for maximum glide.

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