4 Critical Steps for Choosing Cross Country Skis

Your best ski choice is ski that fits, and one that is designed for your skiing style and purpose.

#1: First, select the appropriate type of cross country ski. Ski type is chosen based on the type of skier you are and the terrain you plan to ski and the technique you plan to use

#2: Select the ski model(s) that are designed for your expectations, and fit within your budget.

#3: Work on ski fit. THE most important factor in your long-term enjoyment of your skis is PROPER SKI FLEX and matching the appropriate flex to the skier’s weight along with a number of other factors. Weight range charts are only a starting point particularly for mid level skis. To ensure an accurate fit, all adult (double camber) skis should be individually flex tested using a flex tester (pictured below). Without this critical information, the purchasing process will be relegated to guesswork.

#4: If you have boots that you would like to use with the skis, keep your boot-binding system in mind while looking at skis. Click here for a complete explanation of NNN and SNS binding systems and compatibility.

Ski brands offer differing ski lengths and design strategies. With our expertise, we can analyze all of the various ski options to pick the flex and length of the ski brand that fits you best. Other factors to consider are listed with each specific ski type.


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